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Heavy-Duty & Semi-Truck Services

Welcome to Sam's Roadside Service, your go-to destination for top-notch Heavy-Duty & Semi-Truck roadside assistance. We understand the importance of keeping your commercial trucks and large vehicles running smoothly, and that's why we offer specialized 24/7 emergency services tailored to meet the unique needs of heavy-duty vehicles. Our team of skilled and experienced mechanics is well-equipped to handle a wide range of roadside issues, from tire repairs and battery jump-starts to fuel delivery and mechanical breakdowns.

With Sam's Roadside Service, you can rest assured that your fleet is in capable hands. Our fully equipped mobile units are strategically stationed for quick dispatch to your location, ensuring prompt assistance whenever and wherever you need it. We prioritize efficiency and safety, working tirelessly to get your trucks back on the road with minimal downtime. Trust in our dedication to excellence and let us handle your Heavy-Duty & Semi-Truck roadside needs, providing reliable support that keeps your business moving forward.

Prices starting at $250

Expert Heavy-Duty & Semi-Truck Roadside Services by Sam's Roadside Service

Experience the finest assistance for your Heavy-Duty & Semi-Truck vehicles with our comprehensive list of services tailored exclusively for trucks and large commercial fleets:

  1. Tire Changes: Our skilled mechanics are equipped to handle tire changes quickly and efficiently, getting your truck back on the road with minimal delays.
  2. Jump Starts: Don't let a dead battery slow you down. We provide reliable jump-start services to kickstart your truck's engine and keep you on schedule.
  3. Flat-fee Lock Outs: Accidentally locked out of your truck? No worries! Our flat-fee lockout service ensures a hassle-free and affordable solution.
  4. Fuel Delivery: Running low on fuel? Our team will deliver the fuel you need to reach the nearest gas station or complete your journey.
  5. Battery Installation: If your truck's battery needs replacement, we'll install a high-quality battery to ensure optimal performance.
  6. Tire Repair: Instead of replacing a damaged tire, our experts will assess the situation and perform reliable tire repairs when possible, saving you time and money.
  7. Stripped Lug Nut Removal: Dealing with stripped lug nuts? Our specialized tools and techniques allow us to remove them without causing further damage.
  8. Locking Lug Nut Removal: We have the expertise to safely remove locking lug nuts, avoiding potential harm to your truck's wheels.
  9. Mobile Tire Air Delivery Service: Proper tire inflation is essential for your truck's performance. Our mobile tire air delivery service ensures your tires are always at the correct pressure.

Count on Sam's Roadside Service to deliver prompt, reliable, and specialized support for your Heavy-Duty & Semi-Trucks, so you can keep your business rolling without interruption.

When time is of the essence and you need a helping hand to change your tire, you can trust that Sam's Roadside Service will be there to help. We are open 24/7 & offer fast & affordable tire change assistance services that you can trust.​
We are located in Indianapolis and can respond to your location in a timely manner.


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With just one phone call, you can access a comprehensive range of services, eliminating the need to search for individual service providers.

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